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Finewood carvings began in 1986 on a street corner with a chainsaw in hand, Gisselle Rutledge carved with her hearts content on her first carving. Through the following years, she found herself carving with her chainsaw through the United States, along highways, parks and store fronts. People were amazed by the talents of this young inspiring artist.


Gisselle, eventually made her way to Texas, where she made homestead and opened her first shop and store, in Waxahachie Texas, seventeen years ago. As the years went by, she found several different ways to improve the quality of her art. She found by curing and drying the wood properly, the process helped prevent any splits or cracks,which helped preserve the peice for years to come. Also, she started using, not only the chainsaw for the sculptures details, but sanders and dremel tools, which provide a more realistic look to each and everone of her carvings. Once she began this process, people from all arond the world made their way to Waxahachie to see her work. Many of which went home with several peices for their own. Now, in 2007, she has her very own peice of commercial property which is a log cabin and serves as her gallery that displays exquisite peices of her art. Every piece is reasonably priced for everyone to enjoy and purchase. Please, take a tour of Gisselle's website. Your eyes will be amazed with the intricate detail of each piece of her collection. Please, keep in mind that she does carve custom orders. Just email us your photos. We will respond with a quote of the price she requires to get started on your piece